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    Suppliers: Inviting Suppliers

    It's easy to invite your Suppliers to participate in your Sourcing Events!

    Here, we'll show you how to add new suppliers to your Scout account and invite them to your RFx.

    (Note: If you have a long list of Suppliers, save yourself some time and Bulk Import that list into your Scout Supplier Database ahead of time so you don't have to add them to your Event one-by-one.)

    Inviting Suppliers: Supplier Directory

    Once you've started your event, head to Section 3 of the RFP builder and click the green Open Supplier Directory button. This will open a Supplier Directory side panel where you'll be able to:

    • Add Supplier contact information to your Scout Supplier Database
    • Invite suppliers from your Supplier Database to that particular event


    If this is the first time you're using Scout, you'll need to start by adding your Suppliers' contact information.

    If you've used Scout previously, you will be able to jump right to inviting Suppliers, since any Suppliers that you've invited to previous Sourcing Events will be saved for you!

    Note: No invitations are sent to Suppliers until you actually publish your Event, so feel free to add and remove Suppliers as much as you'd like while you build your RFx!


    Add Supplier Contact Information

    Add new Supplier contact information in three quick clicks!

    1. Click the Add New Suppliers button

    2. Enter a Supplier's contact information (company name, contact name, and contact email address)

    3. Click Save & Add to Event to save the Supplier to your Supplier Directory AND add them to the RFx simultaneously (or just click Save to add them to your Supplier Directory only).



    Manage Existing Suppliers

    The Supplier Directory side panel is also a convenient place to update Supplier details. To edit a Supplier's contact information, just click on their name from within the list:

    This will open a Contact Card where you can update existing contact information, add tags, and add new contact e-mail addresses, all in once place:

    When you're done, click Save and then Back to List to close the Contact Card.


    Invite Suppliers

    Now that you've added Suppliers to Scout, you can invite them to your event!

    Follow these steps to find, select, and invite Suppliers to your RFx:

    1. Search Suppliers

    You can get started by either using the search bar to find specific Suppliers, or just scroll through the list to view all Suppliers you've previously added to Scout:

    Note: After searching, you can click the "x" to return to your complete Supplier Directory.

    2. Invite Suppliers

    Once you've found Suppliers that you'd like to add, check the box next to their name to select them. Then, click the green Add to Event button to invite them to your Event!


    If a company has multiple contacts, you can select specific contacts to invite by (un)checking the checkboxes next to individual contacts' names:



    Sending Email Invitations

    When you publish your RFx, everyone on the Added Suppliers list will be sent an invitation via email. They can use this invitation to sign up for Scout, and can then begin to draft their responses. 

    Note: Suppliers will NOT receive an invitation until you've clicked the Publish RFP button.


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