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    Enable Multi-Currency Options

    Provide your Sourcing Managers with multiple currency options in Scout.

    Whether your company has offices around the globe, or sources from international vendors, you can enable a variety of currency options for use in Sourcing Events!

    Enable Multi-Currency

    1) Open Settings. Click Settings on the navigation bar at the top of your screen:


    2) Open Currencies. Once on your Settings page, click to expand Currencies:


    3) Enable multiple currencies. Check the boxes to enable any of the currencies that you want to make available to your Sourcing Managers:


    4) Select default currency. Select an enabled currency from the Default dropdown menu to set the default currency for your company's Scout account.



    Default Currency

    Each RFx in Scout utilizes only one currency. When a Sourcing Manager creates a new RFx, your default currency will be applied to that RFx automatically.

    However, Sourcing Managers will be able to update the currency of any given RFx via the RFx's Event Options menu by selecting any of the currency options you've enabled.

    Click here to learn how to update the currency on a Sourcing Event.


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