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    Change Currency

    If your organization does business in currencies other than USD ($), you can update your sourcing events to utilize the currency you need!

    First, your Scout Company Admin must enable additional currencies in your company's Scout settings. Then, you will be able to select the appropriate currency for each of your sourcing events.

    Currencies in Scout

    Once currency is applied to each RFx in Scout. Sourcing managers are able to change the currency of any given RFx via the RFx's Event Options menu, provided that their Company Admin has enabled multiple currencies for the company in the company's Settings.


    Change Currency of RFx

    You can change the currency of your RFx via the RFx's Event Options menu:

    1) Open the RFx.

    2) Find Event Options. Scroll to the bottom of Section 1 - Setup Your Event:



    3) Select Currency in Event Options. Click to expand Event Options, then click to select the Currency:


    This will apply the selected currency to all currency fields in your RFx, including those in your Worksheets!

    Note: If you have already published your RFx, click here to learn how to edit your live sourcing event so you can change the currency.


    Enable Additional Currency Options

    Do you need additional currency options in Scout? Contact your Scout Company Admin to request that they enable additional currency options for you and your team - there are over 20 options available!

    If you are a Company Admin, click here to learn how to enable multiple currencies.


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