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    Evaluations: Stakeholder Guide

    As part of the sourcing process, you may be asked to fill out an Evaluation in Scout RFP.

    The purpose of the Evaluations is for Stakeholders to score supplier RFP responses. Once the Evaluation is complete, the Sourcing Team use their Stakeholder's evaluation scores to make a decision on which supplier(s) to award.


    In this article, we'll walk through:

    • How find the Evaluation.
    • How to open an Evaluation you've already started.
    • View Progress.
    • How to submit your Evaluation.
    • How to Compare Evaluation Results.
    • How to Revise your Evaluation response.

    Where is the Evaluation located?

    Once the Sourcing Manager (or a Read/Write Stakeholder) of an RFP has created an Evaluation, Stakeholders should open Evaluation Tab on the Event Dashboard to begin their Evaluation response.

    It's important to note, one or more Supplier response needs to be submitted before Stakeholders can begin Evaluating.

    Stakeholders have the option of evaluating supplier responses one at a time or all at once.


    In this example, 3 suppliers will be evaluated at once.

    1. Click into the Evaluations tab, then check all 3 boxes next to the supplier names, then "Start Evaluation".



    2. Stakeholders will see the evaluation questions and each suppliers listed under the question. This view is meant for Stakeholder compare each supplier score while scoring. Stakeholder should complete each scoring question and section.

    From this page, Stakeholders can:

    • Use the "Filter Suppliers" button to add or subtract suppliers from their view.
    • Use the "Sections" button to move between sections.
    • Use "Team Chat" to connect with other Stakeholders added to the Event.
    • Click "Bid Analysis". Located under the Supplier's name in the question. This will open the Supplier's detailed response in DNA.
    • And "Submit Evaluations"!


    Open an Evaluation you've already started

    Stakeholders can start an evaluation, navigate away from the evaluation (or leave/close the page), and return at a later date to finished their evaluation. The evaluation will automatically save Stakeholder's responses as they work.

    On the Evaluation tab, click "In Progress". Then check the boxes next to the Supplier's names and "Continue Evaluation".



    Alternatively, with a few more steps, Stakeholders can locate their Evaluation responses by:

    1. Clicking the "Evaluations 0/3 Completed" button in the Evaluation tab.


    2. Click "Continue" on any of the supplier evaluations, then click into a section.

    This will bring Stakeholders to an individual supplier's evaluation. Stakeholders have the option to score the supplier individually or viewing all suppliers. 


    3. To return to the view will all suppliers, click "Full Page View" at the bottom of the side window.


    4. Then use the "Filter Suppliers" button to add and subtract suppliers from your view.


    View Progress

    From the Full Page View, click "Sections" to view In Progress and Completed line graphs.


    From the Evaluation tab, you can view your progress here:


    Or click the "Evaluations 1/3 Completed" button to see Evaluations In Progress and Completed responses.



    How to Submit Evaluations

    Stakeholders can submit their evaluation response for all, some, or one Supplier by clicking "Submit Evaluations" at the top of the Full Page View here:


    Stakeholders also have the option click "Submit" from side window here:



    Compare Evaluation Results

    To view and compare stakeholder responses click "Compare Evaluation Results" in the Evaluation tab here:


    Note: Sourcing Manager have the option to limit Stakeholders from seeing other Stakeholder responses. If the Sourcing Manager has limited Stakeholders view, then Stakeholder will not have access to this section.

    On the Evaluation Comparison page, users can see each Stakeholder's response (or lack of response) to Evaluation questions.


    The Sourcing Team can use the comparison page to take into account their Stakeholder's scores and then make a decision on which supplier(s) to award!

    Revise your Evaluation

    Once submitted, you can edit your Evaluation submission by clicking the "Revise" button, which will appear after the "Submit" button is clicked. If the submission deadline has passed, you will not be able to revise your submission. 

    The "Revise Evaluations" button is located on the Full Page View here:


    The "Revise" button can also be found in the side window view here:


    Remember to resubmit your response when you're finished revising!

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