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    Project Types

    Make the most of your Pipeline by utilizing Project Types!

    You can add edit your own Project Types, each with their own unique, customizable Active Statuses.


    Create Project Types

    Once you've identified the different Project Types your team uses, Company Admins can add them to your Pipeline via the Settings menu:



    Select Manage Project Types under Customize Projects in the Settings menu to add and manage Project Types for your team:



    Add Project Types

    Enter a Project Type Name and Code (4-character abbreviation), then click the green Add New Project Type button to save it:



    Customize Project Types

    Once you've added a Project Type, you can customize it by editing the Active Statuses associated with it.

    Add new Active Statuses by entering an Active Status Name and clicking the green Add button:


    Or use the Edit and Delete buttons to adjust existing Active Statuses. 


    Use Project Types

    Once you've created and customized Project Types, go to your Pipeline to put them into play!

    Sort your Projects into different Types by editing them on your Pipeline Dashboard:



    Or open a Project and identify the Project Type within the Project Details:


    Once you've identified the Project Type, you will be able to utilize its corresponding Active Statuses via the Project Status menu:



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