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    Adding Custom Fields

    Now you can configure your Pipeline Projects exactly as you need with Custom Fields in Scout.

    Custom Fields allow you to customize your projects, intake, and reporting, to fit your organization's terminology and needs.  Let's dive in to setting up custom fields in Scout!



    First, it is important to understand the hierarchy in Pipeline.  Pipeline is comprised of projects.  You can create Project Types which can have unique Custom Field Groups.  (For more information on Project Types, click here.)  Each of these Custom Field Groups contains Custom Fields.  Here is a visual representation of the Pipeline hierarchy:



    Custom Field Groups

    Before creating Custom Fields, you will need to create groups for them to be assigned to.  To do so, click "Custom Field Groups" in your company settings: 


    Next, you'll simply enter a Custom Field Group name and click "Add".



    Activating Custom Fields

    Now that we have created new "Custom Fields" we will want to make sure to add them to the correct Project Types. To do so, click on a "Project Type" in your company settings: 



    Clicking a particular Project Type allows you to select which Custom Fields are to be displayed for that Project Type. From this page, you can also select if you would like your Custom Fields to be displayed to stakeholders on your intake form by checking the "Include on intake" box on the right. 



    To view the updates you've made, all you'll need to do is open a Project of the same type in Scout. Within the Project, you will see the Custom Fields you've added. As you can see here, the four Custom Fields we checked above are now shown in for the "General Project" Project Type.  If a different Project Type is selected, different Custom Fields will be shown according to your selections in Settings.  


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