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    Milestones in Pipeline

    Milestones are an important part of any Project in Pipeline.  Milestones help you break a Project into smaller components which can be assigned to Stakeholders and have a set deadline.

    Here, we'll discuss:

    • How to add a Milestone within a Project
    • Milestone Statuses
    • How to track your Milestones

    Add a Milestone

    To add a Milestone, you'll click the green "Add Milestone" text at the top of the Project Milestones section of your Project.  Next, you'll enter a Milestone Name, a date for it to be completed, and an assignee if it is tasked to a particular member of your team.


    Having well defined Milestones can help keep a Project on track.  Milestones also offer visibility into the contributions made by each team member on the Project.



    Milestone Statuses

    Milestones can have one of three statuses: Needs Attention, Active, or Complete.

    Needs Attention:

    When a Milestone is past due, it will be automatically flagged as "Needs Attention."  This is designated in red and will also bring your Project into a "Needs Attention" state.  This helps make sure no steps in the Project are missed and also that your Project does not fall behind schedule.

    Project Milestones View:


    Pipeline Dashboard View:



    Once a Milestone has been assigned to you, it's time to get to work!  Your Milestone will remain active until the assigned date passes or you mark it as complete.  Completing a Milestone is easy, you'll just click the "Mark Completed" button on the Milestone itself.



    Lastly, once a Milestone has been marked as complete, it will be marked green as you can see here:



    Track Your Milestones

    We know how convenient it is to have a "To-Do" list and we are excited to offer that to you in Scout with "My Milestones." To access a list of upcoming Milestones assigned to you, simply click the "Milestones" button in the action bar at the bottom of your Pipeline dashboard.



    Filter your results:

    In the Milestones menu, you are able to toggle between upcoming Milestones as well as your Recently Completed Milestones:

    You will also have access to any Saved Views you have created within "Filters."  This can help provide you one click visibility into Milestones for certain Project Types, categories, or other members of your sourcing team. 

    Once a saved view is selected, you will be able to narrow down your Milestone results to whatever projects are selected in your view.  More specifically, you will be seeing Milestones for any Projects which are visible on the Pipeline dashboard within the current view.


    For more information on Pipeline, please click here to view the Pipeline Section of our Knowledge Base.

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