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    Teams Overview

    Teams in Scout can help your organization manage the visibility of Projects and Contracts for Sourcing Managers in your company. With the use of Teams, you can allow views to be more organized and tailored to each individual's role and department. It can also enhance security and confidentiality, with each Team only having access to defined group of Projects and Contracts.

    In this tutorial, we'll explain how to:

    • Create Full Access Teams
    • Manage Project and Contract Visibility for each Team

    Note: Only Sourcing Managers can be added to Full Access Teams. You can assign them to multiple teams. Sourcing Managers will have full update capabilities to the projects and/or contracts that match the team filter.

    Read on to learn more about Full Access Teams!


    Create Full Access Teams

    Step 1:

    As an Admin, click Settings on the navigation bar at the top of the page:


    Step 2:

    Next, click Teams on the navigation menu on the left and select Full Access. Create Full Access Teams by clicking the green Create New Team button:


    Step 3:

    To create a Full Access Team, simply enter a Team Name and the Sourcing Manager(s) contact information that belong in that Team. Click the green Save button to save the new Full Access Team to your Company Settings:


    Note: Company Admins can also edit or delete any existing Team in the list. 


    Manage Project and Contract Visibility

    When creating a new Team, Project and Contract Visibility are set to 'View All Projects' by default. We recommend adding the desired Project and Contract Visibility filters immediately to manage team member access:


    In this example, our goal is to grant Project Visibility and Contract Visibility only to the IT department. First, click on ‘Manage Project Visibility’, select the dataset to filter on, then filter using the drop-down menu. Once this process is complete, click on the green 'Save' button:



    Once you’ve managed both Project Visibility and Contract Visibility, you’ll see the filters that define their access:


    Now that you’ve set Sourcing Managers to Full Access Teams, you can now grant Read-Only Access to your Stakeholders. To learn more about this process, check our article on Read-Only Teams.

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