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    Questionnaire: Sort Sections

    Questionnaires are made up of sections, which separate your questionnaires by topic. In one section you can include different question types.
    Once you've added sections, you can arrange them in any order you like using the "Sections" side-panel.

    Begin Sorting

    To begin sorting, click the "Sections" button in the action bar at the bottom of the page.

    This will open the "Sections" side panel where you can click and drag sections into the desired order:


    You can also sort Sections directly from the main RFx page:


    Note: Your sections, subsections, AND question will be numbered. For example, "Section 1 - Subsection 2 - Question 3" will be labeled "1.2.3": 




    Move Sections and Subsections

    You can move questions within sections and subsections. In order to move a question click the "click to edit" text:


    In order to move a question within a section click "Move" and select the new location for the question.

    If you want to move a question to another section click the "Move" button to the right and select a section from the drop down menu. By default the question will be placed at the end of the section.Picture1.png

    Note: You can also move entire subsections (including all the questions within) using same "Move" options.


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