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    Manage: Change Sourcing Event Owner

    Have you created an Event and now need to change the Event Owner to a different Scout user?

    In the following guide we'll discuss:

    • Where to locate the current Event Owner
    • Stakeholder permissions on Events
    • How to change the owner of an Event

    Current Event Owner

    When a Sourcing Event is created by a user in Scout, the user creating the Event becomes the Event Owner by default. The Event Owner is shown at the bottom of the event page under section 5, Invite Stakeholders. 


    Stakeholder Permissions

    Once an Event is created, the owner can then add additional Stakeholders for easy collaboration. There are four different levels of Stakeholder permissions:

    • RFP Owner
    • Read / Write
    • Answer Q&A
    • Read Only

    Click these links to learn how to Add Stakeholders to Your Company or directly to your Sourcing Events!


    Changing Event Owner

    To change the Event Owner to a different user, the new owner must first be added as a Stakeholder. A Stakeholder of any role (Read / Write, Answer Q&A, or Read Only) can have ownership transferred to them. 

    When new owner has been added as a Stakeholder and claimed their invitation to join Scout, you can click the Edit button and change their permissions via the drop down menu to RFP Owner. 

    Click the green Save button to save your changes.

    Clicking the save button will then prompt you to verify your change of ownership with a pop up message as a precaution. 


    Now that ownership has been transferred, the previous Event Owner will remain as a Stakeholder on the event but will instead have Read/Write permissions on the event.

    It is important to note that there must always be an Event Owner, which is why you must add the User you would like to transfer ownership to as a Stakeholder first. In addition, it is also important to remember that there can only be one Event Owner at all times.


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