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    Questionnaire: Add Sections & Subsections

    In Scout, Questionnaires are broken up into sections.

    Here, we'll discuss:

    • What are Sections?
    • How to Add Sections
    • How to Add Subsections?

    What are Sections?

    Questionnaires are made up of three key components:

    1. Sections
    2. Subsections
    3. Questions

    So, why should you use sections? The function of these sections is to separate and organize the different topics within in a questionnaire:

    • Sections - separate different groups of questions (i.e. "Company Background" vs. "Product Information" vs. "Security")

    Each section can contain many different styles of questions. It can include short or long answer questions, multiple choice questions, and file requests from suppliers.


    Add Sections & Subsections

    Once you've created questions, you can go on to add a new section of questions or add a subsection within a section:

    Add Section

    To add a section, click the green "Add New Section" button in the action bar at the bottom of the page:



    Add Subsections

    Adding subsections is optional. To add Subsections, click the "Subsection" button in the menu:



    List of Sections

    Once you've created these sections, you will be able to sort and organize them however you'd like. 

    Click the "Sections" button at the bottom of the page and a side-panel with your sections will appear:



    When you or your suppliers open your RFx, they will see the various sections of your questionnaire listed:



    Subsections will be visible once a section is opened. 


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