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    Questionnaire: Multiple Choice Questions

    Here, we'll show you how to make multiple choice questions in your questionnaires. Good multiple choice questions and self-assessments are one of the most powerful tools for streamlining the sourcing process!

    Create Multiple Choice Questions

    To get started, open your event edit page and scroll down to Section 4 "Build Response Sheet", then click the "Build Questionnaire" button (or "Edit Questionnaire" button, if you've already started one).

    To build a multiple choice section or question group:

    1. Select the "Multiple Choice" button from the "Questions" menu.

    2. Enter your questions and answers, then click the green "Add" to generate the multiple choice questionnaire.


    3. Once generated, you will have two key configuration options:

    • Multi-Select vs. Single Select - allows suppliers to select multiple answers OR force them to select one answer
    • Allow Comments (Yes/No) - provide suppliers with a comment box under each question where they can enter additional information 



    Note: You can also add scoring to the multiple choice answers:Picture1.png


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