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    Questionnaire: Introduction Video


    This article will explain how to build questionnaires and how to configure the various components within them. Here, we will cover the following topics:

    1. Starting Questionnaires
    2. Components of Questionnaires
    3. Creating Questions
    4. Organizing Sections

    1. Starting Questionnaires

    To get started, open your event edit page and scroll down to Section 4 "Build Your Response Sheet", then click the "Build Questionnaire" button:


    Once you've started building a questionnaire, this button will read "Edit Questionnaire" moving forward.

    2. Components of Questionnaires

    Questionnaires are made up of two key components:

    1. Sections
    2. Questions

    So, why should you use sections? The function of these components is to separate and organize the different question styles and topics in a questionnaire:

    • Sections - separate different topics of question groups (i.e. "Company Background" vs. "Product Information" vs. "Security")

    Each section can contain different questions types. A single section can include free response questions (short or long answer), multiple choice questions, and file requests from suppliers.

    3. Creating Questions

    First, select the style of question (e.g. free response, multiple choice or file request) that you would like to include by clicking on the "Questions" toggle button:



    To add questions, you can either type or copy-paste text into the "Questions" field, then click the "Add" button:



    If you are creating multiple choice style questions, you will also need to enter the possible answers for your questions:



    Add Sections & Subsections

    Once you've created questions, you can go on to add a new section of questions OR add an additional subsection within a section:

    Add Section

    To add a section, click the green "Add New Section" button in the action bar at the bottom of the page:



    Add Subsections

    Adding subsections is optional. To add subsections, click the "Subsection" button to the left of the page:


    Free Response

    Once you've selected short or long answer, you will have the following configuration options:
    1. Short Answer - select short when seeking a simple, one-line response
    2. Long Answer - select long when seeking a multi-line, descriptive response
    3. Mark as Required - suppliers must answer these questions to submit their response

    *Note: There is a 140 character limit on the short answer questions and no character limit on the long answer questions.Picture1.png


    Multiple Choice

    Once you've created multiple choice questions, you will have the following configuration options:
    1. Multiple Answers - allows suppliers to check more than one answer box when responding
    2. Include Comments - provides suppliers with a comment box to enter additional information
    3. Mark as Required - suppliers must answer these questions to submit their response



    File Request

    For file request questions you will have the following configuration options:
    1. Mark as Required - suppliers must attach a file here to submit their response


    Duplicate or Delete Sections

    When you duplicate or delete a section, all of the content including the different subsections and questions, will be duplicated or deleted.

    In order to duplicate a section click "Duplicate":Picture1.png

    In order to delete a question click "Delete" :Picture1.png


    4. Organizing Sections and Subsections

    To sort the sections of your questionnaire, click "Sections" in the action bar at the bottom of the page.
    This will open a Sections side panel where you can click and drag the sections into the desired order:


     You can also sort Sections from the main RFx page:

    Note: Your sections, subsections, AND questions will be numbered. For example, "Section 1 - Subsection 2 - Question 3" will be labeled "1.2.3": 




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