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    Questionnaire: Auto-Scoring Feature

    Do you want to be able to quickly assess your Suppliers' answers to multiple choice questions? Now you can evaluate responses to your multiple choice questions using the Auto-Scoring feature in Scout!

    Steps to Add the Auto-Scoring feature to your Questionnaire:

    To get started, open your Event edit page and scroll down to Section 4: Build Response Sheet.  Then click the "Build Questionnaire" button (or "Edit Questionnaire" button, if you've already started to build one).

    To set up a multiple choice question:

    1. Select "Multiple Choice" in the Question Type menu.

    2. Enter your questions and answer options.

    3. Click the green "Add" button to generate the multiple choice question(s).

    4. Click on an individual question to add scoring for each answer:


    Compare Auto-Scored Answers:

    After you have received your Bids back:

    1. Click the "Compare Bids" button on the RFP Dashboard.



    2. Expand the "Questionnaire Responses" section to view your Supplier's answers:


    Auto-Scoring is useful when evaluating submissions because it allows you to quickly assess the quality and content of Supplier responses. By adding auto-scoring to your Questionnaire you can save time and focus on making strategic assessments based on the Questionnaire responses. 

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