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    Custom Groups & Fields on Supplier Profiles

    Are you looking for ways to better manage your Suppliers? By creating custom groups and fields on a Supplier's Profile, you are able to to quickly view and report on any type of information you'd like. 

    What Are Custom Groups and Fields?

    Custom groups can be created to enhance your Supplier Directory. Creating groups can help you easily locate and organize a Supplier's information on their profile. Once you have created a custom group, create custom fields to breakdown/divide that group even further!

    In this article you will learn how to:

    1. Add custom groups
    2. Add custom fields 
    3. Utilize custom fields


    1. Add Custom Groups

    First, you will need to navigate to your Settings, where you will find Supplier Profile near the bottom left of the page:



    Once you've selected Supplier Profile, you will see there are two fields, Supplier Profile Customer Field Groups and Supplier Profile Custom Fields:



    To begin, create a Custom Field Group. Enter the name of the Custom Field Group where it indicates Enter group name. Once you've entered this, you can select Add Group.


    2. Add Custom Fields 

    After creating a Custom Field Group, you can begin creating Custom Fields within a group. For example, if Locations is your Custom Field Group, Custom Fields that you could next within it would be: Region, Zip Code, or State.

    "Enter Field Name" is where you would enter Region, Zip Code, or State:Picture1.png


    Once you've written in the field name, you will be prompted to "Select Group", where you will select one of the Custom Field Groups you created earlier:


    After completing your Custom Field Name and Group, go ahead and select Add Field:



    3. Utilize Custom Fields 

    Once you've added the field, you can select Edit, which will allow you to edit the "Type":


    Common Field Types are Paragraph, Single Select, and Multi Select.

    Note: If you select Single Select or Multi Select you will then be prompted to create options! For example, if Payment Type is your Custom Field Name, you can use Credit Card, Check, or eCheck as your options. 


    Now that you've created these Custom Groups and Fields, they will be included in a Supplier's Profile, where you will be able to track all kinds of information and even report on supplier data in Scout's Reports module



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