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    Filters and Views in Pipeline

    Pipeline allows you to filter your Projects to view what's most important to you, and to save specific views for quick reference and reporting. 

    Here, we'll discuss:

    • How to Apply Filters
    • Saving Views
    • Sharing Views  

    Applying Filters

    Filters can be used to narrow Projects down and focus on a specific aspect of your Projects (Project Type, Date Range, Project Status, Sourcing Owner, Category, Spend, and Savings). 

    In order to apply a Filter, click the "Filter" button in the action bar at the bottom of your Pipeline dashboard. Next, enter the project criteria you want to filter by and then click "Apply Filters."



    Saving Views

    If you find yourself repeating a search regularly, or want to save a specific View created by applying particular Filters, you can create a Saved View. In order to create a Saved View you will need to apply a Filter first.

    Once you've applied the Filter criteria, click the green button labeled "Save as..." This will add your View to an easily accessible list that can be pulled up any time you are accessing Pipeline. 




    Sharing Views

    Shared Views can be created by any licensed Scout user in your company. When creating a Saved View, you’ll have the ability to share the view with any licensed users within your company. Once you have applied Filters to your Pipeline dashboard and saved the View, you can edit it to provide a clear description for others and choose your selection in the drop-down menu under "Share Your Saved View".




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