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    Questionnaire: Add Templated Questions

    Do you find yourself loving the Questionnaire you used for a Sourcing Event and wish you could easily reuse it? Now you can! 

    With our easy to use Questionnaire Templates, you can add a Questionnaire into a Sourcing Event you're creating. It'll save you time and energy when creating your next Sourcing Event!


    Great! You have a Sourcing Event created, but now you want to add a Questionnaire Template. There are three simple steps to using a Questionnaire Template:

    1. Locating the Templates
    2. Reviewing the Template Library
    3. Adding a Questionnaire Template


    1. Locating the Templates

    The first step would be locating the Questionnaire Templates that are readily available to your company. Questionnaire Templates are created by company and department administrators but then available for the company to use in the Template Library! 

    From the top panel, under Navigate you can select Templates, which will bring you to your company's Template Library. 


    1. Reviewing the Template Library

    Inside your Template Library you can decide which questionnaire would be best for your Sourcing Event. You will find the Template Name, Description and Owner.


    You can click into any questionnaire template to get a better idea if that questionnaire is a good fit for you and your Sourcing Event. 


    1. Adding a Questionnaire Template

    Adding a template questionnaire to your Sourcing Event, is simple! You'll want to select Build Questionnaire.



    You'll then be brought into the questionnaire builder, where you'll see Add Template:


    A side panel will appear where you can select 1 or multiple questionnaire templates you'd like to use in your Sourcing Event. 



    Once you've selected the Questionnaire Template you'd like to use, it'll populate into the questionnaire builder:


    Notes: You can add multiple Questionnaire Templates to your Sourcing Event. Once Questionnaire Templates are added, you can easily edit or delete questions in order to better fit your Sourcing Event!


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