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    Questionnaire Templates: Creating a Template

    Questionnaire Templates are a great starting point for creating Sourcing Events in Scout! Building out Questionnaire Templates can help you standardize specific Question Groups for various different Event Topics. 

    In this article we will cover the following:

    • How to Create Questionnaire Templates
    • How to Edit Questionnaire Templates
    • How to Delete Questionnaire Templates
    • Questionnaire Templates Permissions

     Create Questionnaire Templates

    In Scout, Questionnaire Templates are saved groups of Questions that can be used as a building blocks for creating a Sourcing Event:

    There are two ways to create a Questionnaire Template: 

    1. Create a Template from scratch
    2. Build on an existing Template or Sourcing Event (create a New Template from an existing Template/Event)


    1. Create a Template from Scratch

    1. From your homepage, hover over the Navigate tab and select Templates:


    2. This will open up your Template Library where you can see a list of all of your current Questionnaire Templates. It will list the Template Name, Description, Template Owner, as well as when it was Last Added:


    3. To create a brand new Questionnaire Template from scratch click on the green Add Question Template: 


    4. Choose Blank Template from the options: 



    5. You can then build out the Questionnaire Template with the questions you would like to include in your saved Questionnaire Template:


    Note: Make sure to click the Save button to save your Questionnaire Template to your Template Library!


    2. Create a New Template from an Existing Template

    Creating a New Template from an Existing Questionnaire Template allows you to take a template and build on top of by adding more questions, in which you can save it as a New Template. 


    1. To build on an existing Questionnaire Template, choose Copy Existing Questions from the options within the Template Info:


    2. Choose a Questionnaire Template or Event to copy over to begin creating a New Questionnaire Template: 



    3. All of the questions from the current Questionnaire Template or Event you have selected will then be copied over so that you can continue to build out your new Template with additional questions. You can edit, add, or remove any of the questions that you have copied over to build on:


    Click Save to save a New Questionnaire Template that includes the questions you originally copied over! 

    Note: You can also select multiple Templates to build off of!




    Deleting a Questionnaire Template

    To delete a Questionnaire Template you will first want to go to your Templates dashboard. Click the drop down arrow next to the Template you would like to delete and select Delete to remove it from your Template Library: 


    Note: A message will pop up will prompt you to verify your choice to delete your Template. Click the Delete Template to finalize the deletion of the Template. 


    Questionnaire Template Permissions

    • Company Admin: Can create, edit, and delete any Questionnaire Template
    • Department Admin: Can create, edit and delete any Questionnaire Template
    • Sourcing Manager: Can create and use Questionnaire Templates. They cannot edit templates that they are not the owner of.  
    • Stakeholder: Can use any of the Questionnaire Templates and edit them once they are in an event. Cannot actually edit the Questionnaire Template


    Creating and using Questionnaire Templates can really aid standardizing some of the Rfx building process while saving you a lot of time! 


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