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    How to RSVP

    Have you received an invitation to participate in a Sourcing Event and want to let the Sourcing Manager know whether you intend to respond or not? This article will cover how you can RSVP to a Sourcing Event! 

    To RSVP, you need to first login to Scout and click on the Sourcing Event title:


     As soon as you have clicked into the Sourcing Event, you will see two RSVP options on the bottom of the page in the action bar: I Do Not Intend to Submit and I Intend to Submit:


    Choosing "I Intend to Submit"

    If you decide you would like to participate in the Event click the blue I Intend to Submit button. You can then begin working on your bid! As soon as you have clicked the I Intend to Submit button, new option buttons will populate in the action bar: 



    Choosing "I Do Not Intend to Submit" 

    Should you choose to not participate, you will be prompted to the page shown below. You can select a reason why you do not intend to participate as well as provide additional comments. If you do not want to submit a reason or comments with your RSVP, it is not required, you can simply hit the green Submit RSVP button.


    Please Note: Should you choose I Do Not Intend to Submit, you will no longer be able to access the RFP.


    Changing your RSVP

    If the RSVP deadline has not passed, and you have decided that you do in fact want to participate in the Sourcing Event - you are able to reverse your decision by clicking the green I Intend to Bid button at the bottom of the page. 


    If the deadline has passed and you would like to change your RSVP decision please reach out to our support team who can further assist you in changing your RSVP!

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