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    Linking Questionnaire Questions with an Evaluation


    At this point in the RFP process, the RFP Owner has published the RFP, suppliers have submitted their response, and now the RFP Owner would like their stakeholders to score each supplier Questionnaire question response.

    Scout allows the RFP Owner (and/or Read Write Stakeholders) to turn on the “Link with Questionnaire” feature within Event Evaluation. This feature is designed copy all the Questionnaire questions into the Evaluation so that stakeholders can score each and every Questionnaire question the supplier responded to.


    In this article we will cover:

    • How to turn on “Link with Questionnaire” in Evaluations.
    • How to hide questions that do not need to be scored.



    How to turn on “Link with Questionnaire” in Evaluations

    The RFP Owner (and/or Read Write Stakeholders) can choose to create an Evaluation before publishing the Event, after publishing the Event, or after the Event has closed.

    It’s important to note, an Evaluation can only be published if there is at least one supplier response. Otherwise, there will be nothing to evaluate.


    In this example, we will create an Evaluation in a closed Event that has 2 supplier responses.

    1. Open the Event and click “View RFP” in the black action bar.



    2. Next, scroll down to Section 5 called “Build an Evaluation”. Click “Create Evaluation”.


    3. In the Evaluation, slide on "Link with Questionnaire", so that it turns blue.


    4. Add the scoring ranges and check the appropriate options you'd like to include. Then click "Save".

    5. Click the "Sections" button in the black action bar to view all section.

    Notice, Scout created a section called "Evaluation section title". You can continue creating more Evaluation questions in this section OR you can delete this section if you only want synced questionnaire questions in the evaluation.


    In this example, I will delete the "Evaluation section title" section because I only want to have synced Questionnaire questions in the Evaluation.

    To delete the section, first close the "Sections" side window, then click on the words: "Evaluation section title", and then click "Delete".


    Now, you should see the Evaluation scoring answers (1-5) next to the Questionnaire questions!


    6. Make sure each question has weights and each section has weights.

    This is important, you need question weights and section weight to both add up to 100% in order to publish the Evaluation. You can also use the "Review Weights" button to see a more detailed weight break down.


    In this example, I have applied the weights evenly for both questions and sections. 


    7. Now, we are ready to publish. Click "<Return" in the black action bar. In the "Build an Evaluation" section enter the due date and click "Publish Evaluation".

    Congrats! You've successfully linked the Questionnaire questions to the Evaluation.

    Your stakeholder can now opens the Evaluation and starts evaluating a supplier's response. Stakeholders will see the suppliers Questionnaire responses on the left and the synced evaluation question in the Evaluation.


    How to hide questions that do not need to be scored

    RFP Owners may decide they want to hide some questionnaire questions from the evaluation.

    For example, the question "Company Name" probably doesn't need to be scored. We can hide this question.

    1. First, put your Evaluation in edit mode. If you've already published, click "Edit Evaluation". mceclip9.png

    2. Click on the question.


    3. Then check the box "Hide in Evaluation".


    4. Make sure to reset the weights for questions and sections.

    Then click "<Return".

    Then click "Publish Updates to Evaluation".

    Congratulations! You've hidden a Questionnaire question from the Evaluation!
    Your stakeholder will see this question in the evaluation as grayed out.


    For more information on evaluation, please click here.


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