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    Gateway Documents (NDAs, MSAs, Terms, etc.)

    Company Admins may add gateway documents, such as NDAs, MSAs, and Terms & Conditions, into their company's Scout account for their organization to use.

    Once added, Sourcing Managers can apply these gateway documents to individual RFxs, which requires Suppliers to agree to their terms before they're able to access the RFx.

    In this article, we'll show you how:

    • Company Admins add these documents into Scout
    • Sourcing Managers add these documents into their RFXs
    • Suppliers view and agree to these documents

    Company Admins: Add Gateway Documents

    1) Open Company Settings by selecting Settings on the navigation bar at the top of the screen:


    2) Under Sourcing & Auctions click Terms and Conditions from the list. From here, click the green Add New Terms button:


    3) Then, create and edit a New Terms document:


    Supported Autofill

    To facilitate Terms documents being used on many different projects and being signed by many different suppliers, you can use our autofill options so the document is specific to the particular Project Owner, Event, and/or Supplier.

    You can utilize the following autofill options in your Terms documents:

    *|RECIPIENTS_FIRST_NAME|*​​ - The first name of the Supplier who will be signing
    *|RECIPIENTS_FULL_NAME|*​​ - The full name of the Supplier who is signing
    *|RECIPIENTS_COMPANY|* - The Supplier company
    ​​*|MY_FIRST_NAME|* - The Project Owner's first name
    ​​*|MY_FULL_NAME|* - The Project Owner's full name
    *|MY_COMPANY|* - The name of your company in Scout.
    ​​*|EVENT_NAME|* - Title of the Event
    ​​*|DATE_PUBLISHED|* - The original date of publication
    *|SUBMISSION_DUE_DATE|* - The current Submission date when viewing
    ​​*|CURRENT_DATE|*​ - The date of viewing/signing
    For example, if you insert *|RECIPIENTS_FIRST_NAME|* into a Terms document, the Supplier who is viewing the Terms will see his or her first name when reading the document.

    Sourcing Managers: Apply Terms to RFxs

    When a Sourcing Manager is creating a new Event, they can click to expand the Event Options menu (located in Section 1 of Event Build page) to add Terms for that RFx:


    Note: Sourcing Managers will see all Terms documents that have been added by Company Admins, but may only select one document to apply to an Event.


    Suppliers: Viewing & Accepting Terms

    If a Sourcing Manager applies Terms to a Sourcing Event, every Supplier who attempts to view the RFx must agree to those Terms before being able to view or access the RFx itself.

    When a Supplier attempts to access the RFx with Terms applied, they will only be able to view a page presenting the Terms and the option to RSVP to the Sourcing Event (as well as any additional notes provided by the Sourcing Manager):


    The Terms text is then available to them in an online format with any autofilled information:


    To accept the Terms and gain access to the RFx, they must first select the I agree to the above Terms checkbox, then click the I Agree button:


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