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    Event Templates: Create, Share, and Use

    This article will show you how to create, use, and share an event template.

    We'll explain why we recommend you use templates, then show you how to:

    • Create templates, either from scratch OR from an existing event
    • Use templates to run events
    • Share templates with some or all of your teammates

    Why Use Templates?

    We encourage all Scout users to create templates with the goal being that you never have to start an event from scratch.

    Templates provide two main benefits: 

    1. Saving Time - Templates allow you to quickly and efficiently create events that contain standard questionnaires, price sheets, files, etc. with just a few clicks.
    2. Quality Control - Templates allow you to minimize mistakes, typos, and other small errors throughout your RFXs by making exact copies of existing events.

    Configure a template, share it with the appropriates teams, and start sourcing!


    Create Templates

    In Scout, templates are a type of event that cannot be published but, instead, can be used to create new instances of events.  

    There are two ways to create a template: 

    1. Create a template from scratch
    2. Create a template from an existing event


    1. Create a Template from Scratch

    1. From your Events homepage, click the Start Sourcing Event button:


    2. Click to open the Event Options dropdown in Section 1 of your event:


    3. From the expanded options, check the This is a template box, then use the Share Template With dropdown to select who can use this template:


    Once you've checked the Template box, you'll see that the buttons on the bottom of the page have changed from Publish RFP to Start Event from Template:


    It's important to note that once you select the Template box, the Event will automatically transferred into the Event Templates section. In the case that you want to move the Event back into your Events list, simply uncheck the Template box while viewing the Event Template.


    2. Create a Template from Existing Events

    1. Open your Scout homepage

    2. Select an event and click duplicate from its Options dropdown menu:


    3. When the duplicated event opens, follow the steps above to check the Template box in the Event Options menu for this new event. It will automatically become its own, new template.


    Share Templates

    The Share Template With dropdown menu provides you with three options to share your template:

    1. Just My Stakeholders - Use this option to share a template with stakeholders who have been included on the event. (Click here to learn how to invite stakeholders.)
    2. My Whole Department - Use this option if your company has defined Departments in Scout. If selected, everyone in your Department will have access to the template, even if they are not listed as a stakeholder on the template. 
    3. My Whole Company - Use this option to provide everyone at your company who has Scout access to use your templates. 


    Inviting Stakeholders vs. Sharing the Template

    Do you want your teammates to be able to edit the template? Invite them as stakeholders on the template and give them Read/Write permissions. They will be able to both edit the template itself, and will also be able to start events from the template.

    Do you want your teammates to be able to use the template without being able to edit the template itself? If so, simply select to share the template with your department or company; they will be able to start events from the template without being able to edit it.


    Use Templates to Run Events

    To start a sourcing event from a template, first find the template you'd like to use from the Templates section of your Scout homepage. Then, click that template's Options dropdown menu and select start event from template:



    This will open a new sourcing event that looks exactly like the template you've selected.

    Note: Feel free to include Descriptions, Response Sheets and Worksheets, Documents, and more in your templates - they will all transfer over to your new event!


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