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    Confirm Submission

    It's easy to confirm whether or not your RFx response has been submitted!

    Here, we'll explain how to submit your response and how to confirm that it has been submitted successfully.

    Submit Bid

    To finalize your submission, simply open the Sourcing Event and click the blue Submit Bid button at the bottom of your screen:



    Confirmation Messages

    After clicking the Submit Bid button:

    • The page will reload and you will see a confirmation message congratulating you! It will look like something like this - and yes, you are #1 in Scout's book!


    • The Sourcing Manager will receive an email from Scout notifying them that your submission has been received:


    Note: "Submitted" does not mean "complete." It is possible to submit an incomplete bid via Scout (although, we do provide warning messages for certain types of omissions) - it is up to the discretion of the Sourcing Manager to determine completeness.


    Dashboard - Event Status

    You can also confirm that your response was submitted successfully by checking the Event's status on your Scout Homepage.

    Click the Home button on the navigation bar at the top of your screen, then check the Status column:


    If your Status shows as "Submitted" with a date (e.g. "Submitted 6/10/2019"), then your response was successfully submitted to Sourcing Manager on that date.

    Returning to the Event, you will also see a green status at the top of the page letting you know your responses have been submitted:



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