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    Manage: Invite Stakeholders & Stakeholder Permissions

    Scout enables you to invite teammates from across your company to collaborate with you on your RFx. You may want (or need) RFx Stakeholders to assist you in building the RFx, answering Suppliers' questions, and/or reviewing and evaluating Suppliers' submissions.

    Here, we'll explain Scout Stakeholders:

    • Who they are,
    • How you can invite them, and
    • Stakeholder Permissions.


    Who are Stakeholders?

    Stakeholders are people who have access to the buyer-side of your RFx. These Stakeholders can help you to build out your RFx, answer questions from suppliers via the Message Center, and/or view and evaluate Suppliers' responses.

    Often, the Sourcing Manager of an RFx will invite people from other teams or departments in their company who may be helpful in the RFx process.


    How to Invite Stakeholders

    The Invited Stakeholders section of your RFx is where you can invite and assign permissions to Stakeholders. You can do this both before and after the RFx is published to Suppliers.

    To invite a Stakeholder, simply enter the person's name and email address, select their Permissions, and click the Add button:



    Once added, Stakeholders will automatically receive an invitation via email to setup their Scout account and access the Sourcing Event!

    Additionally, if your event is already published, you can add a stakeholder from the Dashboard tab. 

    Scroll down to the Invite Stakeholders section, click the arrow(^) next to Add RFP Stakeholder, add your stakeholder's info, and click Add Stakeholder.


    Stakeholder Permissions

    Stakeholder Permissions can be modified before, during, or after running a Sourcing Event.

    There are three types of Permissions:

    • Read Only - The Stakeholder can view the Sourcing Event and corresponding Supplier submissions, and can complete evaluations to submit to the Sourcing Manager.
    • Answer Q&A - In addition to having all rights as a Read Only Stakeholder, Answer Q&A Stakeholders can also answer questions in the Message Center that have been assigned to them. (Note: The RFP Owner must approve the answer before it is sent to Suppliers).
    • Read/Write - The Stakeholder has the same permissions as the Sourcing Manager; full access to edit the Sourcing Event, invite Suppliers, respond to Suppliers' questions, etc.

    Click here for a detailed guide on all possible Scout User Roles.


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