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    Pre-Publish Confirmation Message

    No one wants to be micromanaged, but a quick reminder from time to time is always nice!

    Create a message to remind your teammates to cover all of their bases before publishing an RFX in Scout. The Pre-Publish Confirmation message can serve as a checklist for each Event, helping you and your teammates to avoid errors before invitations go out. 

    Here, we'll explain what the Pre-Publish Confirmation is and how you as a Company Admin can customize it!

    Pre-Publish Confirmation Message

    By default, Scout shows the following Pre-Publish Confirmation message to all users:


    You may want to customize this message for your team to meet specific process/workflow requirements, such as:

    • Update the RFX description?
    • Enter a Baseline?
    • Attach RFX Documents?
    • Add all necessary Stakeholders?


    Customize the Message

    You can modify your organization's Pre-Publish Confirmation message in a few quick clicks!

    First, click Settings in the navigation bar and then look under "Sourcing & Auctions":


     Then, click "Require Publish Confirmation". Here, you can to use the text editor to personalize the message for your team:


    Be sure to click the green "Save Customizations" button to save your changes.

    Now, your team will get this reminder every time before they publish an Event!


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