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    Award/Reject Email Templates

    Scout enables Sourcing Managers to both Award and Reject Suppliers' submissions to their Sourcing Events, and provides the option for Sourcing Managers to send an email regarding this award/rejection via Scout when doing so.

    Why Use Award/Reject Email Templates?

    Company Admins can utilize the Award and Rejection Email Templates to provide their Sourcing Managers with a pre-populated, mail-merge-style message that they can they edit and send to suppliers on each RFx.

    These templates are a great way to build consistency and professionalism into communicating awards and rejecting bids. Plus, these templates enhance the efficiency of the award/reject process, making the process quick and easy for Sourcing Managers to complete!


    Creating and Editing the Templates

    To view and edit these templates, first select Settings on the navigation bar:

    Next, look under Sourcing & Auctions in the list, and you will see the Award Email Template and Rejection Email Template options:


    You can create your templates here, and use autofill mail-merge fields to quickly personalize the message for each Supplier:


    Using the Templates

    When a Sourcing Manager awards or rejects a Bid, they will be able to edit and preview the templated messages before sending them:


    The intended Supplier will receive the message via email, like this:




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