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    Suppliers: Preview Supplier View

    You can preview what Scout will look like to your Suppliers as you build your RFx.

    Here, we'll show you how to preview the three key pages of your Sourcing Event, and will also explain how to run a "test Event." 

    Preview Events

    A complete Sourcing Event has three main pages that a Supplier will interact with:

    1. RFx
    2. Questionnaire
    3. Worksheets

    You can preview each of these pages while you're building your RFx by clicking the grey Preview button located at the bottom or top (for worksheet) of each of these pages:

    • RFx


    • Questionnaire:


    • Worksheet:



    Run a Test Event

    Sometimes, especially when you're new to Scout, you’ll want to get a "Supplier preview" of your entire Sourcing Event from start to finish before you publish for bidding. In this case, we recommend that you run a "test Event" by duplicating your RFx and going through a dry run.

    To create and run a test Event:

    1. Create a "Test Event": Duplicate the RFx you want to preview, then use this duplicate to run the "test." To do this, click the Options button from your Event List (located in your Events Dashboard) and select duplicate:


    2. Create a "Test Supplier": Invite a "test supplier" to this duplicate, i.e. invite yourself using your personal Gmail address or some other secondary email address that you have access to - just be sure to invite an email address other than the email address that you use to sign in to Scout!

    3. Login as the "Test Supplier" to view the event: Use the invitation sent to the "test Supplier" to create a new Scout account, then login as that "test Supplier" and interact with the RFx. Try submitting a bid, then logging back into your regular Scout account and viewing it, comparing bids, asking for bid updates, etc.


    Note: You’ll see everything you could in the original preview pages, but this option gives you insight into the total experience of signing up to your Event as a Supplier.

    Do you need to edit an event after it's published? Read this article from our Knowledge Base.


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