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    Invite Team Members

    Would you like your colleagues to help you prepare your proposal?

    Invite them to join you on Scout!

    How to Invite Team Members

    Invite teammates to view and collaborate on your bid by entering their name and email address in the "Invite Team Members" section of your bid:


    Enter their name and email address, then click the green "Add" button to automatically send an email invitation to them. Please note that the button will not turn green until you have added a name and email address for the team member you are trying to add. 

    Note: If your teammate has used Scout before, they will be able to login and access the bid immediately. If not, they will receive an email invitation with a link to create an account on Scout, and will then be able to access the bid.

    Unable to Add your colleague successfully? 

    This can happen if the team member you are trying to add is already registered in Scout under a different company name. To fix this, reach out to the Sourcing Manager to request they move you and your colleague under the same company name in their directory. 

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