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    Changing Your Email Address

    Did a Sourcing Manager invite you via the incorrect email address or maybe you just want to change it to a different email address? Not to worry!

    If you are signing up with Scout for the first time, simply choose the email address you would like use going forward. If you would like to change your email address of an existing Scout account, skip to step 3!

    1) Click the green Sign Up and View this RFP button in your invitation email to begin the sign-up process:



    2) Once the sign-up page opens, enter your preferred contact information and password:



    3) Once you are logged in, you can switch your email address in your User Profile:



    Important Note: You will receive one last email to the old email address confirming the change of the email address. As soon as you have confirmed the email address through the confirmation email, all other emails will go to the new email address moving forward. In addition to that, the new email address will become the email associated with your Scout account and therefore the email address you use to login to Scout. 


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