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    Departments Overview

    Creating Departments in Scout helps organizations to keep things organized! 

    Once Departments are created, Department Administrators can be identified, allowing for clearer visibility and enhanced reporting across their team's activities in Scout.

    Here, we'll explain how to:

    • Create and manage Departments in Scout, and
    • How to sort stakeholders into different Departments.

    What are Departments?

    Departments help your organization to add structure to its Sourcing Events in Scout (e.g. across teams, regions, or functions, etc.). This enables Sourcing Managers to view Sourcing Events across their team and share templates quickly and easily with their direct teammates.

    Department Admins can manage their Departments by:

    • Adding Stakeholders to (or removing Stakeholders from) their Department
    • Viewing a consolidated dashboard of all Sourcing Events run through their Department
    • Creating Spend Categories and Sub-Categories for their Department's Sourcing Events


    Create and Manage Departments

    First, click Settings on the navigation bar at the top of the screen:



    Next, click to expand Departments from the list. Create new Departments by entering a Department Name and clicking the green Add button:



    Department Admins can also edit or delete any existing Departments in the list.


    Assign Stakeholders to Departments

    Once Departments are created, Company Admins can identify Department Admins and sort Stakeholders into those Departments:

    1. Click Settings on the navigation bar at the top of the screen to open your Company Profile

    2. Click to expand the User List

    3. Select the Department menu to sort stakeholders into the appropriate Departments:


    Note: It is not necessary to have a Department Admin for each Department. Company Admins can create and manage multiple Departments.


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