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    Upload Additional Documents to Bids

    Do you want to provide the Sourcing Manager with additional information? No problem!

    You can always upload additional documents to include with your submission.

    Uploading Additional Documents

    Scout makes it easy to upload files - include as many different files as you would like, up to 5GB per file!

    In order to upload an additional document to your bid, open your bid from your homepage, then scroll down to the "Additional Documents" section:


    You can then click-and-drag files from your computer into that section, or you can click the "Browse for Files" button to select files from your computer to upload.

    Note: You must wait for the upload process to complete before navigating away from the page or your files will not be saved:


    Once the upload is complete, your files will displayed in a list and will be available for you to view and/or delete as needed prior to submission:



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