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    Anatomy of a Bid (Video)


    Generally, you'll want to be aware of the major sections of RFPs and bids in Scout:

    • RFP Details should lay out the requirements and expectations surrounding the submission and the sourcing manager. It also should include any documents uploaded directly by your sourcing manager. Also, please note this is where the Message Center is located if you need to ask questions to your sourcing manager for clarification.
    • Invite Team Members is where you can invite anyone who you'd like to collaborate with on your bid. 
    • Build Your Proposal includes:
      • Response Sheets - free response and/or multiple choice questionnaires
      • Worksheets - Excel-style worksheets (e.g. pricing sheets) for you to complete
      • Requested Documents - documents that the sourcing manager requires you to upload and include with your bid
      • Additional Documents - a place for you to upload any additional documents you feel you should include in your bid

    Note: You can export the Response Sheets and Worksheets to Excel. Scroll to the bottom of the RFP page and click the "Export to Excel" link. 


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