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    Compare: Export Bid Submissions to Excel

    While we love using Scout to view and compare submissions, we know that you may want or need to export data to Excel, so we tried to make this process as easy as possible for you! Read on to learn more.

    Export Submissions to Excel

    Bid submissions from suppliers can be exported as an Excel spreadsheet quickly and easily. If your event has submissions, open it up and scroll down to the Invited Suppliers section.

    From there, click on the "Compare Bids" button (or "Quotes," depending on what your event is called) in the Event Dashboard:Compare.png

    This will bring you to the Bid Comparison page. On this page, you will notice two buttons in the action bar at the bottom of the screen: "Side by Side Comparison" and "Pivot Table":


    Side-by-Side Comparison

    The side-by-side comparison allows you to view the bid comparisons similar to the way you view them in Scout, but does allow you to adjust formatting, data, etc. 

    Here's a look at how the side-by-side comparison exports worksheets:


    And here is a look at how a side-by-side comparison exports questionnaires:


    The side-by-side export breaks questionnaires and worksheets into separate tabs. You will find that all questionnaire questions are grouped into one "Response Sheet Comparison" tab, while each worksheet comparison is separated into individual tabs.

    Pivot Table

    The pivot table option simply changes how the export displays worksheet data. Instead of breaking worksheets into individual tabs, worksheet data is exported into a single pivot table in one tab:



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