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    Suppliers: Send Customized Invitations

    This article describes how to send a customized invitation to your Suppliers in addition to the automated invitation generated by Scout.

    Why Send Customized Invitations?

    Once you publish your event, you can send out a customized invitation to your Supplier from your personal email account. This invitation is editable, so you can tailor the note, and it contains the unique event invitation link for your Supplier.

    Customized invitations are great for:

    • Strategic Relationships - where you'd like to send personalized invitations to Suppliers.
    • Working with Difficult IT Departments - Remove any doubt about the deliverability of your invitations by having the invitation come directly from you.

    How to Send Customized Invitations

    To send a customized invitation:

    1. Open your Event Dashboard
    2. Scroll down to the "Invited Supplier" selection
    3. Click the "details" dropdown under the supplier of your choosing
    4. Click the "Send Customized Invitation" button:Screenshot_2020-06-29_at_15.16.53.png

    Note: You can only re-send an invitation to a Supplier who has not yet accepted an invitation and signed up with Scout.


    This will open your default email client and allow you to send a customized email directly from your email address (rather than from no-reply_strategicsourcing@workday.com).

    Please Note: Do NOT edit the link address (highlighted below). This is the tracking link that tells Scout this Supplier is invited to your RFP. If you edit or remove this link, this invitation will not work.


    You can also simply re-send the automated invitation sent by Scout. To do this, read our Re-send an Invitation to Suppliers article in our Knowledge Base.


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