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    Complete Update Requests from Sourcing Managers

    Sourcing Managers may request a bid update from you via Scout. For example, they may ask you to clarify your answer in a questionnaire, or attach additional documents to your bid.

    Here, we'll discuss how you can go about updating and resubmitting your bid in response to a request for update!

    Request for Update

    Depending on the circumstance of the event, the Sourcing Manager may request that you update your bid submission.

    When they request an update from you, you'll receive an email that looks something like this:



    How to Update a Bid

    If a Sourcing Manager requests a bid update from you, you can log back into Scout and revise your bid:

    1. Open your Scout homepage and open the Sourcing Event denoted with the "!!" icon:



    2. Click either of the blue Revise Bid buttons to begin editing your response:



    3. Once you've completed your edits, click the blue Resubmit Bid button on the bottom of the page to send your resubmission to the Sourcing Manager:


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