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    Upload Requested (Required) Documents

    When Sourcing Managers build RFxs in Scout, they can include requests for specific documents from Suppliers - and can make those documents required for submission.

    If you do not upload these required documents, then you will receive a "Requested Documents required" error when you try to submit your response.

    Let's discuss what this error means and how to resolve it!

    Requested Documents Required Error

    Did you get a "Requested Documents Required" error when you attempted to submit your response?


    If so, you are missing a document that the Sourcing Manager is requiring you to include with your submission. You must upload the required documents in the Requested Documents section of the page in order to submit your response.


    Upload Document

    To resolve this error, scroll down to the Requested Documents section. Then, click the Browse for File button and select the document from wherever you may have it saved on your computer:


    Once you've successfully uploaded your document(s), the file name(s) will appear and the Browse for File button will be replaced with View and Remove buttons:


    Repeat this for all requested documents marked with the Required checkmark. Once done, you should be able to submit your response!

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