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    Manage: Request Updates from Suppliers

    Scout provides you with the option to request bid updates from your suppliers. This is an excellent choice when:

    • Suppliers misinterpreted requirements or provided incorrect information,
    • Edits need to be made by a supplier after the Bid Submission Deadline, and/or
    • You would like to do a modified best-and-final round from a select group of suppliers.

    The "Request Updates" feature allows you to write a note to your supplier(s), attach any documents within that note, and provide a timeline specific to the request!

    Requesting Updates

    To request a bid update, open an event's dashboard and scroll down to the Suppliers section.

    If there are bid submission from suppliers, there are two ways that you can request bid updates from them:

    1. Click on the supplier company name. Then in the side window click "Request Bid Update".
    2. Or using the "Request Update or Reject Bid" button on the Compare Bids Page


    Compare Bids Page:

    If you click the "Compare Bids" button, the Bid Comparison page will open, which provides an "Actions" button beneath the name of each supplier. 

    Click the "Actions" drop down menu beneath the supplier of your choosing and select "Request Bid Update":



    Sending a Request for Update

    Clicking either button will open the Request Update page:


    From this page, you're able to draft a bid update request for you supplier. You'll be able to:

    • Add Feedback to the questionnaire responses
    • Set a Bid Resubmission Deadline
    • Insert autofill variables (e.g. "Recipient's First Name")
    • Attach files to send to the supplier

    Always click the grey "Preview" button to view your bid update request as your supplier will see it:


    Finally, click the "Request Update" button in the bottom left corner to send your bid update request to your supplier via an email on which you are CC'd. 


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