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    Revise and Resubmit Bids

    Do you need to edit your submission? Did the Sourcing Manager request that you update your bid? No problem!

    We'll walk you through how to revise and resubmit your submission.

    Can I Revise My Bid?

    If you have already submitted your response but need to make some changes, you may have the option to revise it. 

    • Is it BEFORE the Bid Submission Deadline? If so, you are able to revise your bid at any time.
    • Is it AFTER the Bid Submission Deadline? If so, you may be able to revise your bid, but not always. It will depend on the Settings chosen by the Sourcing Manager.


    How to Revise Your Bid

    If you are able to revise your submission, you will see a blue Revise Bid button on the action bar at the bottom of your screen:


    (Note: If this button is not visible, then the Sourcing Manager will need to request an update from you through the Scout system to enable revisions.)

    Clicking the Revise Bid button will return your bid to an editable state, and will return these buttons to your action bar:


    Once you are done editing, click the blue Resubmit Bid button to send it back to the Sourcing Manager.


    Why Can't I Revise My Bid?

    If you find that you're not able to revise, it is because the Bid Submission Deadline has passed and the Sourcing Manager has not enabled the option for suppliers to revise post-deadline.

    In the event that you are not able to revise, we recommend you reach out to the Sourcing Manager directly.


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