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    Browser Support Policy

    Scout supports the most recent major releases of the following web browsers and desktop operating systems (OS). If you are experiencing interface issues (i.e. broken images, strange text showing, buttons not working, etc.), try updating your browser or OS to the latest version.

    Supported Web Browsers

    • Chrome -The two latest versions.
    • Firefox - The two latest versions.
    • Safari - The two latest versions on Mac OS X.
    • Microsoft Edge - The two latest versions.
    • Internet Explorer (IE) - 11
      • As of May 31, 2016 Scout RFP no longer supports IE 9.  We do not support IE 10, as Microsoft no longer supports it for any supported desktop operating systems.


    Scout's General Policy

    Whenever a new browser version is released by any of the major browsers listed above, Scout RFP will support it immediately and will no longer maintain support for the third-oldest version. For example, if browser version 5 is released, browser version 3 will no longer be maintained.

    Please Note: This does not mean that it will immediately stop working, just that our Quality Assurance team will not test new features against non-supported browsers.


    Mobile Support

    Mobile Chrome and Mobile Safari are supported by Scout, but due to the nature of our product, they are not the focus of our Quality Assurance team and are not advised for normal use


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