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    Use Excel to Export/Import Bids

    We love using Scout to build bid submissions, but we recognize that at times you may be more familiar and comfortable with using Excel. 

    Scout's export/import feature allows you to work on your bid in Excel, then import it back into Scout for submission.

    This article will explain how to use Scout to:

    1. Export your current bid into an Excel file
    2. Import your bid from Excel back into Scout.

    Export to Excel

    1) The first step is to RSVP to the sourcing event. To do this, open the Sourcing Event and click the blue I Intend To Submit button at the bottom of your screen:


    2) Next, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the grey Export Bid button under the Take Bid Offline section.



    This will download a copy of your bid into an Excel file where the proposal is organized into multiple tabs for your Questionnaire and Worksheet responses. You will be able to enter your data anywhere the Sourcing Team is requesting information, indicated by blue cells. 


    Note: If the Sourcing Team has not created any Worksheets or Questionnaires for this Event, you will not see any editable blue cells to input data in, and your response is likely intended to be a separate document attached in the Additional Details section on Scout. 


    3) To prepare your response for import, simply enter your answers into the Excel file, then save your updated Excel file to your computer.

    Note: We cannot unlock cells for editing. Locked cells must remain locked so the format exactly matches what is on the platform and your data is able to import back into Scout. Please read the instructions found on the Instructions tab for further detail about filling out your bid in Excel. 


    Import to Scout

     Ready to Import your updated or completed response back on to the platform?

    1) Open the Sourcing Event and click the grey Import Bid button under the Take Bid Offline section.



    2) This will open a pop-up box in Scout, into which you can drag-and-drop (or browse for) the updated Excel file on your computer:



    3) Once the file has loaded, the pop-up will update with a confirmation message. Click the green Import Bid button in the pop-up box to complete the import.



    4) You'll receive the following Your Bid import was successful! message when the import is complete. Click the "View My Response button" to view your updated bid:



    Scrolling through your proposal on Scout, you should now see the Last Updated and Response Sheet progress bars (for Questionnaires) have been updated.


    If you open a Questionnaire or Worksheet, you should find that the data from your Excel file has populated the corresponding fields on Scout:


    Note: You can update the Excel file and Import your data multiple times, but keep in mind each Import overwrites what is currently on the platform. It is best practice to re-export an Excel file each time you wish to make changes to ensure you are working from the most up-to-date version of your bid. This is especially important if the Sourcing Team has made any updates to the structure of the Event (ex: edited a Worksheet), because your Excel file will not be able to Import back onto Scout if the format does not match. 

    Scout Support is here to help!

    We provide you with US-based customer support from 9am to 9pm ET, Monday through Friday.


    Reach us via our in-app support form by clicking the Support button in the top-right corner of your screen from any page within Scout: https://go.scoutrfp.com


    If running into issues logging into your Scout account, you can also reach us via email at scoutsupport@workday.com


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