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    Autofill Options

    This article provides a list of Scout-supported autofill options. 

    When creating or editing templates in Scout, such as the Award or Rejection Email Templates or Terms and Conditions documents, you can utilize the following autofill options in Templates. 

    Supported Autofill Options Add Terms Documents

    *|RECIPIENTS_FIRST_NAME|*​​ - The first name of the Supplier who will be signing
    *|RECIPIENTS_FULL_NAME|*​​ - The full name of the Supplier who is signing
    *|RECIPIENTS_COMPANY|* - The Supplier company
    ​​*|MY_FIRST_NAME|* - The project owner's first name
    ​​*|MY_FULL_NAME|* - The project owner's full name
    *|MY_COMPANY|* - The name of your company in Scout.
    ​​*|EVENT_NAME|* - Title of the Event
    ​​*|DATE_PUBLISHED|* - The Original date of publication
    *|SUBMISSION_DUE_DATE|* - The current Submission date when viewing
    ​​*|CURRENT_DATE|*​ - The date of viewing/signing
    For example, you can insert *|RECIPIENTS_FIRST_NAME|* into the Award Email Template to personalize the email that gets sent to the Supplier whose bid is awarded:
    Then, when the message is sent to the Supplier via email, he or she will see this personalized message:

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