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    Create a Public RFP, RFQ, or Other Event

    This article will explain how to create a Public Event, how to share it, and how Suppliers can access it.

    Create a Public Event 

    You may want (or need) to post an RFP, RFQ, or other Sourcing Event publicly so any potential Supplier can access it. Scout provides you with the option to create a Public Event and provides you with the URL and script code to share and/or post it publicly.

    To create a Public Event, open your Event edit page and click "Event Options" at the bottom of Section 1: 


     This will expand a menu of additional options, including the "Public" option:


    Select "YES" from the "Public" option dropdown menu to make your event public.

    Note: Scout defaults to "NO" here, which means your Event remains visible only to the Stakeholders and Suppliers you've invited. You must select "YES" to make your Event public.


    Share a Public Event 

    When you select the Public "YES" option, a green "Share RFP" button will appear:

    Click on the green "Share RFP" button to access the URL link for your Event, as well as script code that you can embed on your website:



    Supplier Access to Public Events 

    When Suppliers attempt to access your Public Event, they will first be asked to either sign in to Scout, or create a Scout account: 


    Once they have signed into Scout, they must re-open the URL to your Public Event - it will not show up on their Scout homepage automatically.

    When your Suppliers do access your public event, they will see a "This is a Public Event" banner at the top of the page:



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