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    Manage: Edit Live Events

    Do you need to make edits or updates to an Event that has already been published? Now you can!

    In the following guide, we'll discuss how to:

    • Edit live Events,
    • Re-open closed Events, and
    • Notify your Suppliers of updates (and request updates from them).

    Edit Live Events

    Follow these steps to edit a live event:

    1. Go to your Events Dashboard and click into the "View Event" tab.


    2. At the bottom of the Event's page and click the "Edit RFP" button:


    Note: Your Suppliers will still be able to access and update their bids while you are editing your Event. Editing your Event does not take it offline or prevent Suppliers from accessing it.


    3. You are now able to edit the Event! Go ahead and change the Event's name, add new questions, add new suppliers, adjust deadlines, reconfigure your Worksheets or complete any other desired edits.


    4. When you're finished editing, click the "Publish Updates" button in the action bar at the bottom of the page to set the Event "live" again.


    Note: If you've made edits and decide you'd rather not "Publish Updates" to your suppliers, your edits can be discarded by clicking "Cancel Edits".



    Note: If you view your Events Dashboard while your RFP is still in "edit mode," your dashboard will show the status of the RFP as "Currently Editing":



    Re-Open Closed Events

    Many users reach out to Scout Support asking to re-open a closed Event. With live editing, you will now be able to do this on your own!

    1. Follow the steps 1 & 2 above to open and begin editing your Event.

    2. Once you've entered the Event edit page, scroll down to the Set Your Timeline section and edit the Bid Submission Deadline. If you change it to a date and time in the future, the Event will be re-opened!


    Can Suppliers Submit Bids After the Deadline?

    If you would like Suppliers to be able to submit their Bids past the deadline, you can easily allow them to do so when you are building out your RFx. When you are creating your RFx, underneath "Event Options," there will be a drop down menu where you can either select "yes" or "no" if you would like Suppliers to be able to submit late Bids:


    You can also change whether you would like to allow Suppliers to submit late Bids at any time by checking or unchecking the box to allow late bids on the RFP dashboard:


    Another way you could allow Suppliers more time to work on their Bid is by extending the Bid Submission deadline. 

    Note: Late submissions will be highlighted in red and marked as "late" on your Event's dashboard; Scout wants to make sure you can easily recognize late submissions.

    Notify Suppliers & Request Updates

    You can notify your Suppliers of any updates you've made to your Event via Scout's Message Center. Learn how to send a mass update to Suppliers here.

    Did a Supplier submit their Bid before you made these updates? Learn how to request a Bid update from them specifically here.


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