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    Timeline (Deadlines) + Time Zone

    As you read through an RFx in Scout, you will find an Event Timeline made up of the following key deadlines:

    1. Supplier RSVP Deadline 
    2. Supplier Question Deadline
    3. Bid Submission Deadline (always shown)

    In this article we will explain what each of these three deadlines mean, and show you how to change your Scout Time Zone so you can make sure you are always on time!

    Event Timeline

    The Event Timeline is set by the Sourcing Manager. Each RFx has a Submission Deadline, but the Supplier RSVP and Supplier Question deadlines are optional - they will only be visible if the Sourcing Manager has set them.

    If all three deadlines are set, the Event Timeline will look something like this:



    1. Supplier RSVP Deadline

    Let the Sourcing Manager know if you plan to respond to their RFx.

    If you see a Supplier RSVP Deadline, that is the date and time by which you must notify the Sourcing Manager if you will be participating in the Event. (Note: You will need to RSVP before submitting your response. However, you may still view, download, and draft your response before submitting an RSVP.)

    To RSVP, click the blue I Intend to Bid button on the action bar at the bottom of your screen - this will send your RSVP to the Sourcing Manager automatically. 


    Note: If you do not see the RSVP buttons, then your RSVP has already been submitted. Any one of your team members can submit the RSVP on your team's behalf.


    2. Supplier Question Deadline

    If you see a Supplier Question Deadline, know that you cannot submit questions to the Sourcing Manager via the Message Center after this date and time. 

    You will still be able to view the Q&A's in the Message Center after this deadline, however you will not be able to submit new questions. If you do not see this deadline, then you will be able to submit new questions at any time.

    Read our Message Center (for Suppliers) article for more information.


    3. Bid Submission Deadline

    Every RFx in Scout has a Bid Submission Deadline. You must submit your response to the Sourcing Manager by this date and time.

    To submit, click the blue Submit Bid button on the action bar at the bottom of your screen. Depending on the Event Settings from the Sourcing Manager, you may still be able to submit your response after this deadline, but your submission will be flagged as "late" when it is received by the Sourcing Manager.



    Time Zone

    Make sure you submit on time!

    Be sure to check the Time Zone that your Event Timeline is set to - it's located beneath the green deadline boxes:


    Click here to change your Time Zone in your User Profile.


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