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    Manage Live Auctions

    Now that your Auction is live, you can kick back and watch what happens! Here, we'll break down:

    • Auction Details & Statistics
    • Suppliers' Bids
    • Communicating with Suppliers
    • Ending the Auction

    Auction Details & Statistics

    When you open your live Auction, the page will look something like this:

    • Auction Graph - The graph will show you the activity of your Suppliers. The page will refresh every minute so you are up to date on each of your Suppliers' bids. 


    • Auction Table - The table will provide you with a clear breakdown of each Supplier's bids and how much you are saving on their current vs. original bid.

     Supplier Activity Status

    The Auction table underneath the Graph will give you information on the Supplier Statuses while the Auction is live. Next to each invited Supplier name a dot appears that will tell you the status of the Supplier based on the color of the Dot. 


    Green Dot: The Supplier is currently online and looking at the Bidsheet.

    Red Dot: The Supplier is registered in the Scout System, but they have not yet claimed their email invitation for the Auction.

    Open Red Dot: The Supplier has not claimed their email invitation and they are not yet registered in the Scout System.

    Suppliers' Bids

    Suppliers can only submit a bid that is lower than their previous bid. You can set the minimum decrement by which each new, lower bid can decrease when you build your Auction (note: the default minimum decrement is .01$).

    Ending the Auction

    When the Auction ends, be sure to refresh your browser to ensure that no bids were submitted in the last few seconds of the Auction that may have extended it.


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