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    Manage: Extend Deadline for Closed Event

    Would you like to re-open an event that has closed (e.g. the Submission Deadline passed)?

    Here, we'll explain how to re-open (extend) closed events by using Scout's live-edit feature.

    Re-Open Closed Events

    Follow these steps to re-open a closed event using the live-edit feature:

    1. Open the event from your Events page. Click the View Event tab.


    2. Click the Edit RFP button at the bottom of the screen. (note: this reverts the event to an editable state):



    3. Once the page loads, scroll down to the Set Your Timeline section and edit the Submission Deadline. If you re-set it to a date and time in the future, the event will be re-opened!



    4. To finalize this change, click the Publish Updates button at the bottom of the screen to set the event "live" again:



    Can Suppliers Submit Bids After the Deadline?

    It depends on your event's settings. Check your event's dashboard: do you have the Allow Late Bids box checked?



    • Yes Late Bids - If you do allow late bids, then suppliers will still able to submit bids after the event has closed. In this case, re-opening an event may encourage more suppliers to submit bids, but it's not necessary. Plus, Scout will highlight any late bids in red on this dashboard page for you, so you'll easily be able to see who missed the deadline.
    • No Late Bids - If you don't have this box checked, then the Submission Deadline will need to be extended in order to allow additional submissions. 


    Notify Suppliers & Request Bid Updates

    You can notify your suppliers that the event has been reopened via the event's Message Center. Learn how to send a mass update to suppliers here.

    Do you need a supplier to update their submitted bid? You don't need to extend the Submission Deadline, just request an update from them!


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