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    Event Templates: Share with Teammates

    We encourage all Scout users to create Templates with the goal being that you - and your teammates - never have to start an event from scratch.

    Here, we'll show you how to:

    • Share Templates with your teammates, and
    • Explain the different options you have for sharing.

    How to Share Templates

    1. Open your Sourcing Event

    2. Click to open the Event Options menu in Section 1:Picture1.png

    2. In the Event Options menu, check the Template box to turn the Event into a Template, then use the Share Template With dropdown to select with whom the Template will be shared:



    Share Templates

    The Share Template With dropdown menu provides you with three options to share your template:

    1. Just My Stakeholders - Use this option to share a Template with only the Stakeholders included on the Event. (Click here to learn how to invite Stakeholders.)
    2. My Whole Department - Use this option if your company has defined Departments in Scout. If selected, everyone in your Department will have access to the Template, even if they are not listed as a Stakeholder on the Template. 
    3. My Whole Company - Use this option to provide everyone at your company who has Scout access to use your Templates. 


    Inviting Stakeholders vs. Sharing the Template

    Do you want your teammates to be able to edit the Template? Invite them as Stakeholders on the Template and give them Read/Write permissions. They will be able to both edit the Template itself within their Sourcing Event, and will also be able to start Events from the template.

    Do you want your teammates to be able to use the template without being able to edit the template itself? If so, simply select to share the template with your department or company; they will be able to start events from the template without being able to edit it.


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