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    Communicate: Team Chat

    A challenge to every Sourcing Project (and one of the keys to getting done on-time and on-budget), is maintaining clear channels of communication.

    Team Chat is a great way to communicate with your Stakeholders directly within an Event, keeping everyone up-to-date on the project and eliminating long and confusing email chains amongst teammates.

    Here, we'll discuss how to open Team Chat, and how to take advantage of the handy features and functionality it offers!

    Open Team Chat

    Each RFx has its own Team Chat. You can open it by clicking the chat icon on the action bar at the bottom of your screen within an Event:


    You will find this chat on all Event-specific pages: the Event's build page, the Event's Dashboard, and the Event's Bid Comparison page!


    Features and Functions

    There are several features of the Team Chat tool, including:

    • @mention Teammates
    • Email Notifications
    • Attach Files
    • Link to Page (where comments were left)
    • Remove Comments

    Let's review each of these here.


    @mention Teammates

    Use an @mention to keep your communication clear by directing your comments to specific Stakeholders. This will also send email notification the user(s) mentioned, notifying them that you've left a comment for them!

    To @mention a teammate, simply enter the "@" symbol in the text box and follow it with the teammate(s) name(s) who you want to direct your comment to:


    You can also use "@allstakeholders" to send a notification to all stakeholders on the event.

    Note: @mention can only be used for stakeholders who have accepted their email invitation to participate in the event.


    Email Notifications

    When an @mention is used, the intended recipient(s) will receive an email notification. The notification will look something like this:

    If you receive this email notification, you can click on the green "View RFP" button in the email, and it will take you directly to the page on which the comment was made!


    Attach Files

    Quickly and easily share files with your stakeholders within the event's Team Chat. To attach a file to the Team Chat, you can either:

    1) Drag-and-drop a file into the comment box:



    2) Or, click the "Add Document" button at the bottom to select a file from your computer:



    Link to Page

    When you enter a comment into the Team Chat, that comment will be timestamped AND a link to the page on which you made the comment will appear:


    Your teammates can click on the link beneath your comment to jump to the page you were on - no need to waste time explaining where you were!


    Remove Comments

    Want to remove your comment from the Team Chat? Easy. Just click the trashcan icon next to your comment and it will disappear:


    Note: You cannot delete a teammate's comment, only your own.


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