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    Access an Auction

    We want to make Scout Auctions as easy to use as possible, so we've put together the following guide to help you get started!

    In this article, we'll cover:

    • Invitations to Auctions
    • Logging into Scout
    • Accessing an Auction

    Get Invited

    Scout can be accessed by invitation only, and all users must create Scout accounts.

    When a Sourcing Manager creates an Auction in Scout and invites you, you will receive an email invitation that looks something like this:

    Click the green View Auction button to open Scout and begin creating your account! 

    (Note: If you do not receive this notification, please be sure to reach out to our support team by submitting a request)


    Logging In

    Once you’ve created and confirmed your Scout account, you will be able to login and view your Scout homepage here: https://go.scoutrfp.com/

    Your Scout home page will list any Sourcing Events to which you’ve been invited, including any Auctions:



    Click on the title of the Auction to view the Auction details and prepare your bid!


    Access Auctions

    Sourcing managers can select one of two ways to start an auction:

    • Advance Notice - The Sourcing Manager may decide to build the Auction and set a start time at a specified day/time in the future. In this case, you will receive your invitations before the Auction begins. We recommend using the time before the Auction to create your Scout account and familiarize yourself with the tool by reading any Auction Notes provided and submitting a pre-bid.
    • Automatic Start - Alternatively, the Sourcing Manager may decide to start an Auction automatically. You will receive your invitation as soon as the Auction is published by the Sourcing Manager, and will be able to create your Scout account and start submitting bids right away.

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