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    Pipeline Overview

    Pipeline is where everything comes together.

    Scout's Pipeline is a strategic sourcing tool that enables sourcing professionals to:

    • Build a sourcing pipeline with planned, active, and completed Projects,
    • Manage new sourcing Requests and ongoing Projects,
    • Standardize the sourcing process for their team and stakeholders, and
    • Forecast and strategize based on past trends.

    Your team can now capitalize on opportunities in real-time and directly tie sourcing activity to business impact so you can better predict successful business outcomes.

    What is Pipeline?

    Pipeline is a Scout tool that enables you to put all of your sourcing projects together in one place, rather than having to sort through a long list of individual RFIs, RFPs, Auctions, etc.


    What are Projects?

    Your Pipeline is made up of Projects. Each Project can include multiple, individual Sourcing Events.

    For example, you could create a "New Laptops" Project, then run a "Laptops RFI", next a "Laptops RFP", and end with a "Laptops Auction" - all within that one Project. This enables you to track both data on each individual Sourcing Event, as well as on the Project as whole.


    Additionally, other Stakeholders in your company can submit requests for you to create Projects for them. For example, the IT team could submit a request to your Sourcing team to run the "New Laptops" Project for them.

    Seeing the Big Picture

    Pipeline enables you to see the big picture. Once you've created your Projects in Pipeline, you'll be able to quickly view and analyze all of your current sourcing activity on one page.

    Savings in Pipeline is tracked in three different categories: Identified, Realized, and Set Goal.


    Lower on the Pipeline page you can get a better look at all of your Projects, from those that need your attention to those that are currently active or completed.

    Click on the Project Name or View button to open a Project and view/edit its details.



    Not seeing a Project you are on? Click the "Filters" button to see if you have any active filters applied that may be limiting your view. 


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